Lynda White – Principal and Officer In Effective Control

After more than two decades in the real estate industry, and having established herself as a small business owner at the age of 21, Lynda White is no stranger to hard work and delivering high standards. She is a proven high achiever, can tackle problems head-on, and isn’t afraid to pursue ambitions; however, her outstanding traits are found in her down-to-earth attitude and commitment to customer service.

These invaluable assets have seen her collect accolades by leaps and bounds; namely the Australian Achiever Award for Customer Service, three Century 21 Platinum Awards, the City of Maroondah ‘Women in Business’ Award, the City of Whitehorse Medium Business Award, and more.

Lynda is a Licensed Estate Agent in Victoria and is experienced in new developments, house and land sales, off-the-plan sales, as well as residential rentals and sales. Lynda’s approach to her work is relatively unique for this industry; she prides herself as a “24/7 type of agent”, doing her utmost to ensure that property transactions are always a positive experience for everyone involved. With over 20 years in the real estate industry, Lynda’s track record speaks for itself.

Lynda has previously owned and operated two Century 21 franchises and further managed four other agencies for business owners.

Lynda’s impressive communication skills and customer-centered attitude are built on solid foundations of integrity – her passion for business and property is enriched by a genuine respect for nurturing client relationships, which manifests itself in the numerous happy clients in her portfolio.

Leah Young – Auctioneer

Leah Young has worked within the real estate industry since 1992 and has an undeniable passion for the real estate industry and the people who are a part of it. Leah’s goal is to raise the standards of the real estate industry across the country through dynamic support and mentoring and always delivering exceptional results for her clients.

Leah is an engaging, natural and energetic auctioneer who captivates and engages the audience from the start to the end. Leah conducts passionate and interactive auctions, providing a relaxed yet entertaining environment resulting in positive results.

By combining best practice and legislative compliance, Leah is able to simplify an agent’s obligations in delivering exceptional service to clients.

Leah has trained agents in Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, Qld, SA and WA; her wealth of knowledge of legislative requirements across Australia is extensive.

Jordan McKenzie Palmer

Jordan McKenzie Palmer brings to the real estate industry over 10 years experience in customer service and training, in addition to her high level of energy and enthusiasm. Jordan’s belief and understanding of helping people find the ‘perfect home’, is what drew her to the real estate industry originally.

Jordan can guarantee whilst finding the perfect home for you, her commitment to providing excellent and quality customer service will not go astray. Nothing much gets past her keen attention to detail and the optimum Client experience in her dealings.

Jordan is known for her excellent time management skills, the ability to prioritise between important and urgent; in addition to executing deadlines within timely fashion, all the while providing quality and integrity in her work – Jordan has often been asked ‘how does she do it?’

With her ongoing dedication to her role and aspirations to become a Licensed Estate Agent, Jordan is a welcome Team Member at Lynda White Real Estate.

Colleen Bye & CB Livestock

Colleen Bye was born and bred in the Gippsland area of Rosedale, having grown up on a beef farm before starting work in the dairy industry. After working for a Herd improvement business doing Artificial insemination and freezebranding for two years, Colleen commenced her livestock career in 2002, working for a well know company in Sale, Gippsland.

When Colleen commenced as a stock agent, there were very few women in the industry. Very few…

This trail blazer of a woman opened her own Livestock business in 2012 and has since built and continues to build a loyal clientele with whom she enjoys highly trusted relations in regards to their stock.

CB Livestock and Property Pty Ltd is an independent livestock agency, employing three agents and two administration staff. Colleen possesses a very strong passion for the agriculture industry and appreciates the many changes and opportunities arising as a result of these changes.

Colleen takes pride in the professional service that she offers to her extensive client base in marketing their livestock and is thrilled to now be able to market their properties for sale or lease.

Exciting times are ahead with a new office in Rosedale, Gippsland – opening in October with a residential office under the unique business model of CB Livestock and Lynda White Real Estate offering stock and property sales and leasing.

With a combined industry experience of over 40 years, Lynda White and Colleen Bye welcomes the opportunity to look after all your stock and property needs, whether it be metropolitan Gippsland, acreage, investment properties, or farms.